Blind Justice

ABC's Blind Justice is enjoyable if you completely suspend your disbelief. And I mean, completely.

A homicide detective loses his sight (most of it) in a gunfight. He fights to get his job back, succeeds and returns to work as a homicide detective with a gun!

The gun is supposedly for self-defense, but naturally, in the first episode, he pulls it and points it at a psycho murderer which indicates that the audience is going to see this sort of thing on a regular basis. Can super-detective use his amazing sense of hearing to shoot bad guys when his partner is being attacked?

I'm willing to bet that the creators borrowed the idea from the excellent British drama Second Sight starring the masterful Clive Owens. There are several differences, however. First, Clive Owens' character Ross Tanner is suffering from a genetic disease that causes blindness—that is, he is slowly going blind and is in denial. Second, nobody knows, at first, that he is going blind; he hides the condition (much like Grissom hides his hearing loss on CSI) to avoid losing his job. Third, he finally faces the fact that his pride is placing other people in danger and accepts dismissal gracefully. Fourth, the theme of sight (is seeing really believing?) is used throughout the drama.

That said, Blind Justice has one major thing in its favor; it's got a dog: Hank, a lovely German Shepherd who doesn't ever seem to eat or go poop.

Okay, now it's confession time. Despite the major flaws, I love this sort of show. Yeah, I know it's a rip off. Yeah, I know it's totally unlikely. Yeah, I know that he would never, ever, be given a gun in real life. But it's still so very cool. It could be that blindness fascinates me, being a disability that I fear. It could be that I get a kick out of the underdog proving the doubters wrong (you think I don't know where to shoot, I'll show you I know where to shoot). It could be that I just like mystery shows, and I don't much care who the protagonist is so long as he/she isn't dull. But really, it probably is the dog.


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