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In case it happens, I want to go on record as stating that I think House and the horrible cop should become friends. (And I don't check spoilers so if it happens, it means I am really brilliant.)

Yes, yes, I know the horrible cop is horrible and is harassing everyone and making everyone's lives miserable, etc. etc. etc. (And I think the resulting dynamic between House and Wilson is excellent writing.) And I also think the cop has crossed a line that House himself wouldn't cross (after all, House stops harassing people once they leave his vicinity). But I think that the cop perceives House as a cancer and all his associates as bad cells feeding the cancer. In other words, he is House, only with a badge and a gun and way too many warrants. (I think the House comparison is deliberate: I got a kick out of the scene, several episodes back, where the cop said to Foreman, "Everybody lies," and Foreman did this little double-take.)

In any case, I think it would be nice for House to have one more friend. He could have nice friend (Wilson) and horrible friend (cop). And THEN he would get in on cases and stuff. The cop could a warped Dr. Watson to House's Holmes.

Of course, how to bring about this "beautiful friendship" is anybody's guess.


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